Los Altos Agave Distributor, Inc.
Los Altos Agave Distributor, Inc.

About Us

Luis Vargas visiting

Productos Finos de

Agave SA de CV

distillery in Jesus

Maria, Jalisco.

Ramiro Magallanes

exploring the terrain of

Tequila producing

regions in Jalisco.

Our Services

We deliver an authentic and high

quality variety of Tequila, Mezcal,

and other imported  spirits in the

State of Wisconsin. Furthermore,

we assure authentic products

through frequent visits to Jalisco.

This in turn provides us with

knowledge of traditional and

upcoming products that we pass

down to all of our customers.

The high quality imports are

destined to restaurants, liquor stores,

and bars. Our family owned business

strives for the best by ensuring

timely deliveries and great

customer service!

Tequila sampling in Milwaukee, WI at Mexican Fiesta festival during the Summer of 2012.

Our Dedication to Quality

Prior to importing fine

agave products from

Mexico into the United

States, we provide Tequila

testing to our consumers

to ensure that we offer

the highest quality products.

Our dedication to quality

legitimizes the relationship

between customer and


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