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Tequila was first produced by the Aztecs

in the 16th century as a fermented beverage

from the agave plant, octli (also known as

pulque). When the Spanish conquistadores

made their way to the Americas, they began

distilling and mass producing tequila in the

modern-day territory of Jalisco. Today,

Los Altos (The Highlands) is one of the

principal Tequila producing regions in the

state of Jalisco. This unique highland region

produces a larger blue agave plant with a

characteristic sweet aroma and flavor.


The tradition of tequila is rooted in both

the labor and the plant. Believing that

maintaining the tradition of harvest ensures

a product virtuous enough to please the Gods.

The plant is tended and harvested by dedicated

jimadores (men committed to the harvest

of agave), while perfecting a skill that has been

passed down generation to generation. Tequila

largely encompasses the heart and liveliness

of Mexican culture. It reduces daily disappointments

while enhancing spirit and festivity!

Honoring Traditions Through Our Imports

Upholding honor requires respect for antiquity

and quality. Antiquity is constantly revered by

our yearly visits to Mexico. This is done in

order to further cultivate our knowledge of

products while gaining a further understanding

of the market. Furthermore, quality is assured

by frequent testing of all the products.


We remain prideful by our perseverance in top

quality service. We strive to attend to everyone

with friendly professional service, because to

us a client is not simply a client. We hold a

standard of timely deliveries and we always

guarantee top quality products.


We are imbedded in our history while dedicating

ourselves to tradition. As well as honoring culture

and pride by providing you, the customer & client,

with our knowledge and goods!

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Los Altos Agave Distributor is a wholesale distributor in the Milwaukee area. Los Altos Agave Distributor has been proudly supplying tequila, and other spirits products, to many local and regional customers for the past 12 years. Use our website to find out more about our delivery terms and/or browse our product catalog.


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